Sunday, 15 February 2015

9KMn Reflects..

This year I have decided to set up blogs for my year 9 science class, 9KMn. We are still waiting on a few things to be organised (netbooks, logons) before I can do that, so in the meantime I had students email me their feedback on some of the activities we have done to start the year in science.

Here is what some of 9KMn thought:


For me science is where we get  to experience chemicals to see how things work. From my perspective science is pretty cool because there are a variety of things you can do such as learning how to set a bunsen burner, naming the different equipment in the room and others.


This year, Science has been pretty good and I am enjoying every single part of it. We have learnt the different equipment like Bunsen Burner and all sorts, Hopefully I can be able to learn some more.

  • our class korwai
  • our class korwai is when we made our class rules
  • all the do now's we have done
  • sit quietly ready to listen to the 'who am i puzzle
  • we have to list the science equipment we remember
  • drawing  the science cube
  • when we drawed what we think science is.
  • equipment memory game
  • testube
  • testube holder
  • bunson burner
  • funel
  • gos mat

During the past 3 days including today I have learnt the safety rules for my science class and had made a poster about how to be safe and secure in class. We learnt that cute adorable puppies and kittens are easier to be tested than human beings. I learnt that whenever we enter the classroom we have to do the “Do Now”. The class and I went over the equipment like a Bunsen Burner that can make blue flames.