Friday, 15 November 2019

Reflection - Goodbye

Ahhh my final post. I'll be sad to say goodbye to this blog. It's like a little time capsule of my teaching career!

I'm sad to leave this lot (my middle-sized babies above and my biggest babies below) #biobabes 

And this bunch! 

They're a kind lot, with strong pakihiwi to support one another.

I hope you enjoyed my science songs over the years :)

You can see a visual diary of 32 science adventures at #tamakiscience on insta. 
Making science look good since 2014! 

So this is where I sign off, I suppose. 
Into the sunset over the Waitakere Ranges.

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Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Wow! Human Evolution

Tamaki Productions presents... Wow! Human Evolution
ft. the best Year 13 Biology class ever.

Miraculously filmed on a state-of-the-art Upper Paleolithic iRock.

Performed by archaic bipedal Homo sapiens from 12,000-10,000 years ago:

Danielle (aka Dani, aka Mitochondrial Eve), 
Jeff (aka Tarzan aka Mitochondrial Adam), 
Gloria (aka Grandma) and
(there in spirit while off representing Auckland in rugby) Maia.