Thursday, 29 January 2015

New Year 9's - 9TSt

Today the 2015 Tamaki College Year 9's arrived, and I got to meet the new Totara recruits.

9TSt doesn't know it yet but I'm their science teacher twice a week! I'm looking forward to meeting them properly on Monday morning, period 1. 

They seem like a lovely bunch, and it looked like they were having fun with the icebreaker games, lead by our Year 13 student leaders.

Some of the games they played were:

~ Song Battles

Teams were all given the same word (love, boys or girls, and colours) and had to compete against one another to remember and sing snippets of as many songs with those words in them as possible (e.g. for 'colours' one team sang 'black and yellow black and yellow...')

~ Bang

Standing in a circle students quickly had to learn the names of the people around them, because whoever had their name called had to quickly duck, while the people on either side had to shoot across their head as fast as possible, to shoot the other person before the other person shot them!  

~ Straight-Faced Compliments

Two people faced each other while everyone lined up behind them. Then the two people had to compliment one another without laughing! Lots of people were complimented on their hair, their teeth, their... nostrils!?


  1. Thanks for sharing the icebreakers Nicola.
    I also recognised a couple of my former year 8's in your class! They look very smart in their new college uniforms.

    1. You're welcome :) Another really good one that the Year 13s practiced on each other but didn't end up doing on the day was Bear, Hunter, Karate Kid. Students stand back to back, then jump around and do one of the actions (grrr + claws, shotgun or haiiii-ya! It's like paper, scissors, rock. Hunter shoots Bear, Bear eats Karate Kid and Karate Kid knocks the shotgun from the Hunters' hands. Very cool about your students, 9TSt looked ready for secondary school :)