Thursday, 3 October 2019

Reflections - Friday Fun

I started Friday Fun this year to try and do something positive for the staff. I wanted to remind everyone it's ok not to give-give-give all the time, and to take a moment to enjoy time with their colleagues, doing something they may not have tried before. 

Backyard cricket was by far my favourite Friday Fun activity. 

A few staff stepped up to offer a session; DJ wanted to run a Cook Island head garland session, Alex Brown returned to his pub-quiz-running roots, and the PE staff ran badminton for us.

Here's everybody at one of the top favourites which Makerita won faaaar too often - BINGO!

I enjoyed sharing my secret scone recipe. 

I also enjoyed my own personal Friday Fun mornings with Kata, whenever we went out for brekkie to start the day off right :)

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