Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Reflections of my last year - Trips!

Each year I take Y12 out to the Waitakere Ranges to learn about stratification and collect data for their first (and easiest) internal. 

This year was the last year that Peter and Jean King will be our guides, as they are retiring. 

What students don't know is that these two also go out of their way to be my moderators for this standard, as I've always been the lone biology wolf of Tamaki College. 

Whenever I arrive at their house in the bush the kettle is on, Poppy greets me by wagging her whole body, and there's always some fresh baking to nibble on as we mark. 

I've been very lucky to be surrounded by supportive people in so many areas outside the school in the last 6 years. Thanks for the great trips Peter and Jean! xx

At least Isabella has been consistent in having her eyes closed in photos year XD

This year I enrolled both Y12 and Y13 into the L3 Trends in Human Evolution exam. This of course required a trip to the zoo, where students got to handle skeletons and bone tools before exploring the zoo. 

Part of the purpose is to make notes on the differences between current ape bodies and movements, and humans. Unfortunately the zoo was under construction this year, but it looks to be open and will be completely fabulous around December this year.

You always know it was a great day when 80% fall asleep on the bus back. 


  1. Your kids are so lucky to have such a fabulous teacher. I can imagine you're helping them build positive learning experiences that they'll have for life 👍

  2. Thanks Kerry, that's sweet of you!